As an artist, I been specialized, yet not limited, to create
art-level jewelry since many years.
By being self-taught in art and craftsmanship, i been able
to go my very own way regarding style and personal expression
as well as working techniques.
Each of my jewelry objects is a very unique piece, designed and
handcrafted by myself.
At least some of them are so very unique, that it is, even for me,
impossible to re-create a similar piece.

Nevertheless, in general Im open for commission works too.
If you see something appealing in my gallery, feel free to be inspired
and ask me, even if the piece i question is already sold. In many cases,
something similar, or "in the spirit of", can be done.

Being deeply intrigued by the beauty of natural forms since childhood,
these are still one of my main sources of inspiration. Regarding this,
organical forms are a strong component of my style.
Another strong influence was, and still is, the art of ancient and
archaic cultures, and even their probable perception of what we call
jewelry, which could be seen much more in the context of magical and
ritual practice, then being merely decorative accessoire, or even
worse, commercial mass-production bling-bling, with its magical
aspect replaced by branding fetishism.