May 3, 2015

Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the short movie "Thorn" launched recently

During October 2014, I been contacted by the LA based filmmaker
Paul Bertino, who asked me to contribute to his non-commercial
short film project "Thorn", with some of my 3D generated alien botany.

Now Paul´s original short description :

What is it?

THORN is a science fiction drama short film.

What is it about?

THORN takes place in the future where giant alien objects have come down
from space and lodged themselves in the Earth's crust. The objects have created
global catastrophe by changing the world and making it inhospitable to humans.
Alien plants are spreading and choking out native plants, so humans can no longer
grow food and people are starving.
The movie follows a survivor, a lone woman searching for a rumored place of salvation.
But first, she must pass through a forest infested with alien plants,
and whatever other dangers that lie in wait.

-> Here the link to the Kickstarter campaign

Every contribution is very welcome.